NYPS T&F MTP ppt slides (updated)

NYPS MTP 2July 2016 ppt slides   (Click here)

Change can be hard at first, messy in the middle but I am very hopeful that everything will turn out just fine and gorgeous in the end. I hope to seek the parents’ support, do stay positive and be open to changes

A summary of some important pointers mentioned:

  1. Change of training days to Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
  2. Change of Saturday training venue to HCI track/NYPS track
  3. Pri 1 and Pri 2 will join the Junior Team training only on Tuesday, 2-4pm. Venue: Indoor Basketball Court, CRC (Gather at meeting point first). Children are advised to have a heavy recess and just a light meal after school before going for the Junior Training.
  4. Technical events training for High Jumpers, Long Jumpers, Hurdlers- Pri 4 and Pri 5 technical school team members this year are selected & strongly encouraged to come for the technical event training. *refer to training schedule
  5. NYPS Throwers will train their throws during 4-6pm Tuesday & Thursday
  6. Technical trainings stated are open to only selected members of the team. Any queries please contact Mrs K.Yeo (Hp: 82921476)
  7.  CCA Attendance- min. once a week (technical training included)
  8. Note new School Team Selection Policy


    Last minute Official Time Trial Dates
    Unsure of what events will be  trialed Follow stated trial events on each specific day
    Pupils came unprepared Pupils will come prepared for their events
    Coach took the trial timings Teachers will be the time keepers
    Visual determination Video finishing
     Few time trial just before Nationals 4 time trials to track & chart athletes’ progress from now to Nationals 2017

    In the pursuit of excellence, we should not forget the important values of sportsmanship and perseverance of our athletes.

  • 4 Official time trials – we will be taking the best 3
  • Vaild LOA- MC (less than 2 week), Representing NYPS in any other school events- Make up time trials
  • Long term MC (more than 2 week)- that time trial will be forfeited. No point awarded. (Parents must be mindful that your child is hence, left with only 3 other time trial chances and do try to be present for the rest of the 3 time trials). Make up trial will still be conducted and timing may be taken into consideration during selection. If necessary, there will be a 5th time trial to resolve any dispute. *case to case basis* In this case, final decision lies with the school.
  • Results of all official time trials will be out and posted on the NYPS T&F school blog within 3-7 working days
  • Note the dates/events for 1st Official time trial
  • Pupils are allowed to trial for more than 2 events
  • Pupils who are interested to be in the 4x100m and 4x300m relay team must trial for 100m and 300m respectively.1st ttUpcoming events/competitions 
  • Singapore National Games (Only for 2016 Pri 4-6)
  • Events: 4x100m and 10x80m
  • Dates: 30, 31 July and 6,7 Auguest (TBC)Venue: CCK Stadium
  • Pupils who are interested, please register with Mrs Katherine Yeo during recess, at the Hall stage
  • List of participants will be out by 11th July 2016, Monday



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