42% off SKINS Youth Compression Tights

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Hi Parents,

I have been receiving many enquires with regards to the purchase of Youth Compression Tights for your child in the team. I do understand that many NYPS parents have been ‘hunting’ for the Youth Compression tights around Singapore, but often ended with a vain search.

Good News!!!!

I have managed to link up with a SKINS supplier in Singapore who is willing to offer NYPS Special Special Discount *popping fireworks*


All Nanyang athletes receive 42% off the SKINS youth compression tights.

New season latest design for SKINS youth compression tights- One design only. NYPS will get the first-hand supply in Singapore.

*Colour- Blue (not Black), some tints of red and grey-ish white*

(Retail price: Approx. $78 sgd)

Selling price for NYPS athletes: $45 sgd ONLY

Kindly click on to the link below to find out more about the benefits and features of the compression tights as well as using the size guide to get the best fit for your child.

Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 7.49.15 PM

Sizes available: Youth Small, Youth Medium, Youth Large, Youth XL



*Disclaimer: It is not compulsory to purchase a compression tights. I am doing it to save parents from the hassle of searching around. I will do a mass-order as a school but, order at your own accord okay!

WhatsApp me your order at Hp: 82921476 using the format

<Name of child_Class of child_Size_No. of pieces>  

Closing date: 30th August 2016

Expected delivery: 2nd Sept 2016


Mrs. Katherine Yeo


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