Updates on Time Trials & Training Squad

Dear Parents & Athletes,

Please be informed of the following:

1. Time Trial Rd 2 has concluded last week. We thank you for your help, support and understanding for the successful completion of the time trial (in spite of postponement due to poor weathers). We would also like to thank you for your kind patience as we sorted out the results of over 100 student-athletes’ participation.

2. The results of the time trial round 2 is available at the following pdf document. Please be reminded that the document is password encrypted.


3. Following the completion of time trial 2, the coaching and teachers’ team has selected school representatives to take part in the Singapore Sports School Invitational Track & Field Meet. This will take place on the 18 Feb (Sat) at the S’pore Sports School. The selected students will be receiving a letter informing you of their participation.

4. Selection of the NYPS T&F training squad has been underway. We are in the midst of issuing letters to athletes to invite them for the training squad. This is the team that will receive specialised and targeted training for the events earmarked for their participation in the National Inter-School Track & Field Meet (late March – early April). After the CNY, the training squad will mainly train on Thursdays and Saturdays while the rest of the CCA members attend other training days. Should a student not be able to train on either of the days, he/she is to make arrangement with the coaches/teachers, especially so if he/she is taking part in the relay events.

In view of that, selected events will not see round 3 of time trial taking place as the spots for the participation have been fulfilled. **Do note that each school is to only send 2 representatives per event per division and each student can only take part in maximum of 2 individual and 2 team events for the Nationals.**

5. Time trial rd 3 (for selected events) will take place in the week of 6 – 11 February 2017. This round of time trial will be a tie-breaker for many of the student-athletes and we hope that they will perform the best of their abilities as with the previous races and time trials.

The link to sign up for time trial round 3 is as follow:


6. The order of SKINs tights, additonal NYPS jersey and FBT Spike shoes have been completed. The spike shoes (S$34/pair) have arrived and students who have ordered them can approach Mrs Ang or Mdm Chan to collect them. We have current stocks as additional jersey for most of the orders. They may also wish to approach us to collect and pay for the additional jerseys (S$10/pc). However, some sizes are running very low on stock and we have placed an order for them. More jerseys will be available only after the CNY. SKINs tights orders (S$45/pc) are awaiting fulfillment by the supplier and be available only after the CNY.

Lastly, we would like to take this opportunity to thank all for your advice, help and support you have lent the CCA. Here’s wishing everyone a Happy Lunar New Year!



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