Time Trial 3 Schedule

Dear Parents & Athletes,

1. Please refer to the following link for the information on the schedule of events for the final time trial. Please be advised that this schedule of events may be subjected to changes as the final number of participants has yet been confirmed (closing time of response for time trial 3 is 04/02/17, 2359).


2. In view of the relay competitions approaching, most, if not all VCA athlete-participants will be attending a relay passing training session in this coming week, on either Tuesday (at Bishan Stadium) and/or Thursday (at HCI) following the completion of the time trial on each day. We would like to thank the support, co-operation and understanding of the parents and athletes in adjusting their schedule so that the trackers can train together in their relay team. A big bouquet of thanks! 🙂

3. There will NOT be training sessions on coming Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday for students not involved in the time trial and/or the VCA Invitational Competition (on Sat).

4. Do come lend your support to our athletes at the 3rd VCA Invitational Primary Schools Relay Championships 2017, taking place on this Saturday, 11th February, 0830 at Victoria Junior College Sports Complex. 

Thank you! 🙂


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