Order for NYPS track jerseys and tights

Dear Parent/Guardian,

This is a new ordering for track jerseys and SKINS compression tights.  Some pupils may need more than one piece of track jersey and you may want to order additional pieces. If he / she gets selected for the nationals, he / she needs more jerseys.

Please send in your order by this Saturday – 20 Jan 2018.

  1. Ordering for track jersey will be done through the following Google Form. Please note that each piece of jersey cost $10. The money will be collected when the jerseys are being distributed.
  2. Ordering for the SKINS compression tights can be done through the follow Google Form. It will be at a discounted rate of $45 per piece, as with last year. Please see the following pictures for the size chart and the colours available. While we would encourage our students to wear these for training & competitions, they are not compulsory for purchase.
    ^^Indigo (Navy/Grey)discount-black-citron-skins-dnamic-youth-kids-compression-half-tights-outlet-australia-online-1314_lrg
    ^^Citron (Black/Yellow)

    ^^Size Chart for SKINS Compression Tights

Should your child require assistance in the selection of the sizing for jersey and/or tights, please see/contact Mrs Ang regarding it.

Thank you.


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